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April, 8th- posted by Casca

Long time no see! ;) Well, joys of joys, I have finaly, updated the next chapter to The Way it Should Have Been. Yes, I know, I've been really bad with updating this fic, however, I've found some new inspiration and I promiss that it won't be so long between updates. (someone e-mailed me and said that it's been six-months and I thought it couldn't be, but when I checked the logs, I realized she was right! Yikes!) It's just that I HATE, HATE, HATE where the show has gone and what the writers have done to my Carter. But I have vowed not to rant about it anymore because I know that my way is better. I'm so modest, hehe ;)  So enjoy the chapter, and do let me know what you think-- I thrive on feedback!

Also, I cleaned up the ER links page, as well-- added a few things, deleted a few things, yada, yada...  

Thanks you SO much for all the kind e-mails and encouragement!   

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February 21st - posted by Emmyjean

Hey, all!  It's been awhile since I've updated the X-Files section, save for the little Harry Potter-themed one I put up when we opened  The Hidden Tower  (if you're wondering about this, scroll down).   This was mostly due to a massive case of writer's block brought on by the state of the show these days...and if you're a Phile, you'll know what I mean. :)

Anyway, I apologize for that, and am glad to say that today I have updated with two brand-new fics on the X-Files Page!  Yay!  Both are post-episodes set during the glorious fifth season (ahh, back in the day), called "Meeting Halfway" and "The Simple Joys of Loserhood".

I hope you like them, and look for more updates from both Casca and I coming soon!


February 6th - posted by Casca and Emmyjean

We're Just Wild About Harry!

To commemorate the opening of our NEW site - The Hidden Tower - we have put up TWO, count 'em, TWO new fics!   Casca and Emmyjean, like much of the world, have been hit by the Harry Potter bug!  Wouldn't it be interesting to see what would happen if our favorite couples were also struck by Harry Fever. :)

Carter takes a fall (what else is new) and gets a nasty cut on his forehead - and promptly becomes "John Carter: The Boy Who Lived" in Casca's new fic.

When Mulder tries to better understand the mysteries of the X-Files by relating them to the trials and tribulations of one famous boy wizard, he finds out something quite interesting about his partner - check out "The X-Files : Gone to Potter" by Emmyjean.

As you may have already guessed, The Hidden Tower is chock full of everything Harry - including (but not limited to) fanfics, great downloads for the Sims, movie rumors, lots o' links, and more to come.

So all you Harry fans, stop on by!  To all you non-Harry fans...what the hell is the matter with you!?  :)

Hope to see you there!

January 21st - posted by Casca

Update Day! Update Day!  Emmyjean threatened to kill me if I didn't write another chapter in The Way it Should Have Been.  Well, I kinda did and kinda didn't.  I wrote this a while ago and decided to finish it and post it.  It's technically Chapter Two of the series, it takes place DIRECTLY after the Valentines Day incident.  Plenty of Carter/Lucy angst of course. :D  Also, at last, the Crossover page now has a fic!  It's a little creation of my own that will wind being more than a few chapters long, entitled Friends, Lovers and Aliens.  That's right, I venture into X-Files mode (horrified screaming ensues) with this ER/X-Files/Friends/3rd Rock crossover.  It's purely for fun and laughs, so let me know what you think. ;)

Hope everyone had a fun New Years! 


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